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KIBON around the world would be a new range of ice creams inspired on the best flavors of the regions of Africa, America, Arabia, Asia and Europe. Focused on the public that appreciate ice cream at home, around the world would come in 1 liter pots and individual pots, competing with other large companies as Häagez-Dazs, La Basque e Diletto. So, we tried to develop an elegant packaging, with graphic elements from each region and on the ads we tried to evoke the curiosity of the public.

We did a research on exquisite flavors, maybe not so common, but really appreciated on each region.
African Flavor - Madagascar Vanilla
American Flavor - Strawberry Cheesecake
Arabian Flavor - Dry Figs with Nuts and Raisins
Asian flavor - Saigon Cinnamon
European flavor: Rosemary with Lemon
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Magazine ads

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